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New J.J. Abrams Movie… May 12, 2010

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I saw a real quick teaser trailer of J.J. Abrams new movie Super 8.  It’s produced by Steven Spielberg so I have a feeling that it’s going to be worth seeing.  Especially after Abrams’ huge success with the newest version of Star Trek.

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The 2010 Oscars March 9, 2010

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First and foremost I have to address the Oscars.  It took me a day to get to it but what the fuck happened.  I saw Avatar three different times and I feel like I personally got screwed out of an award.  I watched half of The Hurt Locker before I decided to go to bed, so fuck that movie. I didn’t go to the bathroom for two hours because I couldn’t bring myself to leave the spectacular world of Pandora.  Avatar in IMAX is by far the best movie experience I’ve ever had, but in the end The Hurt Locker still is Best Picture.  I have to give credit to Kathryn Bigelow for being the first woman to be awarded Best Director… yeeeeah girl you bad.  It must have been so sweet to beat out James Cameron and to make it even fucking sweeter they used to be married.  Seriously though…. Avatar.

Props to Sandra Bullock for winning her first award in a Lead Role.  Haven’t seen The Blind Side but I saw Premonition and that shit was absolutely terrible.  She got over it apparently but I don’t know if I have.

Christoph Waltz won Best Supporting Actor for his roll as Col. Hans Landa, “The Jew Hunter” in Inglorious Basterds.  I really liked the movie and he played a very believable character, but as well as he did he I love this guy for his acceptance speech.  He gets handed the award and first thing he says is, “Oscar and Penélope that’s an über bingo.”….. truly über bingo.

BOOTY SHAKE!!! March 5, 2010

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I always thought Jessica Biel had a smoking body but I never knew she packed this…

The Last Airbender March 1, 2010

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This is the the last chance I’m giving M. Night to make another good movie.  It was a good movie to take ahold of because the cartoon on Nickelodeon is pretty sick and very popular.  I just hope to God he doesn’t ruin it because this trailer gets me fucking up for this movie to come out.  I apologize for not being able to view it here but check it on Youtube in HD.

—-> The Last Airbender Trailer 2