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Season Outlook- Boston Red Sox March 11, 2010

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After watching their hated rival, the New York Yankees, celebrate their 27th World Series title the Boston Red Sox knew they would have to spend some cash this off-season.  The Sox got swept out of the divisional playoff series by the Anaheim Angels but felt they were a better team.  They will be able to flex their muscles come April with new Ace John Lackey and a brand new lineup .  2009 left a bitter taste in their mouth and in 2010 they will be looking to put that same taste back in the Yankees mouth.  If the pitching staff can hold up this summer and “Dice” K can live up to expectations, the AL better get out the way.


Losing in the first round of the playoffs the Red Sox knew they had to get a big arm this winter.  They did just that by signing John Lackey to a 5 year $82 Million contract.   Though they lost slugger Jason Bay to the New York Mets they were able to sign a gold glover in Mike Cameron to patrol the crazy outfield of Fenway and Marco Scutaro to hold down the infield at Shortstop. With Mike Lowell’s abilities fading they also sign Adrian Beltre who was once considered as a great up and comer to play 3rd.  Resigning they Victor Martinez who they traded for in July will provide a big bat behind the plate and sure up any questions about their lineup.

Projected Lineup

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury-LF
  2. Dustin Pedroia-2B
  3. Victor Martinez-C
  4. Kevin Youkilis-1B
  5. David Ortiz- DH
  6. J.D. Drew- RF
  7. Adrian Beltre-3B
  8. Mike Cameron-CF
  9. Marco Scutaro-SS

With so many new names in the lineup its hard to judge how potent the Red Sox offense will be.  No doubt about it they will score lots of runs, but enough to keep up with the Yankees?  There are so many questions surrounding this lineup, Will Beltre and Ortiz revert back to their old form?  Will the top 4 hitters be able to carry this team? Will Cameron strike out too much?  If these unknowns work out in their favor this is a real scary lineup, if not I don’t know if they play a game in October.


  1. John Lackey
  2. Josh Beckett
  3. Jon Lester
  4. Daisuke Matsuzaka
  5. Clay Buchholz

Hands down this is the best rotation in the league.  If the bats cant produce this season the Red Sox will rely heavily in these guys to pull them into the playoffs.  The lone question mark is Daisuke who spent most of last year on the DL.  But is looking to prove to America that hes worth the millions of dollars he signed for.  It’ll be real exciting to see Josh Jon and John series vs the Yankees lineups.

Up and Comers

1. Ryan Westmoreland-  Ryan is looking to break into the starting outfield, he may make his chance if Mike Cameron does not produce.

2. Casey Kelly-  Kelly will provide starting pitching depth this year, look for him to pitch in AAA for this year and if Daisuke doesn’t work out he’ll come up and make a big impact.

2010 Outlook

The Red Sox strong rotation makes me believe they will be able to compete with the Yanks, but the questions in their lineup leads me to believe competing wont be good enough.  Look for the Sox to be the AL Wildcard team and possibly make some noise in the playoffs on the backs of their rotation.


98-64 Wild Card, lose in AL Championship series



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